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Stuff I Use


Photo of my desktop setup

Computer — MacBook Pro 16" (M1 Max, 2021)
Superb performance. Crazy expensive though.
Monitors — Dell UltraSharp U2720Q 27" (2x)
Great image quality for the price. My only gripe is that they’re USB-C, not Thunderbolt, so I can’t daisy-chain them.
Monitor arm — VIVO Dual Mount
I don’t really move my monitors, so this cheap arm works perfectly fine for me.
Webcam — Logitech StreamCam
Decent image quality. A little on the pricier side.
Microphone — Blue Yeti
It produces good sound, but it also picks up a lot of noise, even with the gain knob all the way down. I have to rely on Blue VO!CE for noise reduction.
Headphones — Philips SHP9500
They’re accurate enough for my untrained ears. Very comfortable too.
Macro keypad — Elgato Stream Deck MK.2
15 programmable keys to play with. I mostly use it to switch input and output devices, and automate tasks (like responding to email).
Docking station — CalDigit TS4
I’ve tried a bunch of docking stations, and this is the one that works best with my devices. It has a bit of coil whine, but I don’t care enough to return it.
Simple design. I’m always standing, so I’m not bothered by the crank.

Some of those are affiliate links, which give me a small kickback at no cost to you.


Screenshot of my browser

Browser — Safari
It’s the lesser evil. I’ve tried Ungoogled Chromium, and it works great, but I can’t put that much trust in some random repo. I still use Chrome and Firefox for development, because their tooling is way better than Safari’s.
Browser extensions — Bitwarden, AdGuard / uBlock Origin
That’s all. I try to keep browser extensions to a minimum, to reduce attack surface.

Screenshot of my editor

Editor — Visual Studio Code
I still do some stuff with Vim / Neovim, but they require too much tweaking for my taste.
Editor theme — One Dark
Based on Atom’s One Dark theme.
Editor font — Cascadia Code
I’m a fan of Inconsolata-dz, but Cascadia Code has been growing on me.
Editor extensions — ESLint, Hex Editor, Prettier, Rewrap, rust-analyzer
I also try to keep editor extensions to a minimum.

Screenshot of my terminal

Terminal — iTerm2
The built-in Terminal app has been improving a lot, but I can’t live without little things like being able to click on paths to open them. Alacritty is too minimal, and doesn’t do notarized builds for macOS. kitty is fine, but its font rendering is a bit wonky.
Terminal theme — One Dark
Same as the editor.
Terminal font — Cascadia Code
Same as the editor.
Shell — bash
Most machines I ssh into have bash as their default shell, and I don’t want to think about all the little inconsistencies between it and zsh. I haven’t tried fish yet.
Prompt — Starship
It works on all the shells and all the operating systems I care about, so I can get a consistent experience just by copying a TOML config file.

Screenshot of NetNewsWire

RSS reader — NetNewsWire
Such a great app.
Design tool — Figma
I had used Sketch a bunch in the past, but Figma takes everything to the next level.
Image editor — Krita
It’s mostly focused towards illustrators, but it’s great at general image editing too.
Audio editor — Audacity
Yeah, the UI looks outdated, but it does a great job.
Video editor — DaVinci Resolve
The free version is pretty freaking capable. It’s got quite the learning curve though.
Password manager — Bitwarden
When 1Password went subscription-only, I looked around and found Bitwarden. I haven’t looked back.
VPN client — WireGuard
Easy to set up, fast, and reliable.
Window manager — Rectangle
I’ve also tried Amethyst, a tiling window manager along the lines of xmonad, but it doesn’t fit my workflow.


Screenshot of Syncthing

File sync — Syncthing
I got fed up with Dropbox, and ended up switching to Syncthing. No regrets.
File backup — Backblaze
I’m a fan. Simple, and affordable.
Code hosting — GitHub
Who woulda thunk it.
Web hosting — DreamHost
It gives me everything I need. Support has always been excellent.
Search engine — DuckDuckGo
I’m trying to reduce the amount of personal information I give away. I still rely on !g quite a bit though.
VPN server — Algo
I don’t trust any VPN providers, so I self-host Algo on Azure. It works great with the official WireGuard clients on all my devices.