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  • GitHub Ribbon Using CSS Transforms

    - 5 minute read

    Do you know when Tom Preston-Werner released the ‘Fork me on GitHub’ ribbons that you often see on websites for open-source projects? It was December 2008! Man I feel old… I like the idea behind the ribbon. It’s an easy way of telling your users that this software is open-source, and that there’s a repo available for them to browse and fork. Using an image for the ribbon though? I don’t like that at all, for multiple reasons: Changing things like the font or the colors of the ribbon is really inconvenient, as it forces you to fire up an image editor. Including this image on your page means an additional request, and about 8KB of payload. You have to be careful with the positioning of the image, as it’s a pretty big square, and you don’t want it to block part of your site’s navigation. You have to think about generating and serving a high-definition version if you don’t want your ribbon to look all pixelated on HiDPI devices.